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Services for individuals and reimbursement scheme are the following

Career Success Group offers clients two different collaboration schemes:

Basic Scheme – services include matching relevant job openings with existing candidates’ requirements and experience and communication with employers.

Cost of service – in case of successful employment the candidate pays one-time fee equivalent to 50% of his/her monthly salary.

Subscription Scheme – this service offers our clients at least one and maximum three job vacancies during the year depending on their requirements and experience and communicates with potential employers.

Cost of service – 1% of his/her monthly salary.

Resume Processing – In addition to these services, Career Success Group also offers its clients resume processing at a professional level.

A resume gives employers first impression of the candidate as a potential member of the team. It greatly determines whether potential employer decides to ask the job candidate for an interview, so it is important for a resume to be well structured, readable, full and concise representation of our clients’ experience and skills.

If you are interested in receiving services from Career Success Group and would like to subscribe to our database, please contact us on Facebook or E-mail –

 The benefits of cooperation are:

  • To give access to open or announced job vacancies in leading large, medium and small companies.
  • To provide short listed job openings matched to our clients’ interests.
  • To communicate with employers based on the trust we have gained over the years in partner organizations.

Professionals who are not active job seekers but want information about new opportunities / job vacancies are also cooperating with the Career Success Team.

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