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Services for legal entities and reimbursement scheme

The Career Success Group is one of the strategic channels for recruiting top executives and HR managers in organizations.

  • For the maximum of 3 business days, we can provide partner organizations with information on job market candidates matching their qualification requirements from our databases.

  • Based on the qualification requirements we shortlist the candidates who might be interested in the specific job and would be likely to cooperate with the organization.

  • If needed, we assist organizations in conducting the selection process.

The service is free of charge for legal entities. Organizations are our partners. In collaboration with them we always have interesting offers for clients.

If you are interested in receiving the services for Career Success Group and would like to subscribe to our database, please contact us on Facebook or E-mail –

 The benefits of cooperation are:

  • Providing resumes of job candidates with relevant job qualifications within limited timeframe;
  • Preparing a short list of job candidates;
  • Providing candidates with initial information about the company and the vacancy. We only send organizations resumes of the candidates who have expressed the desire to work with the company and are interested in the vacancy;
  • Assisting in organizing the selection process.
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